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October 14th 2021

Dredging is about to start and be completed  this month and berth holders will be informed by CHT about any necessary vessel  movements that are required.
Parking: You will be pleased to know that we have successfully negotiated an equitable arrangement for Gwynedd parking permits to be available for ALL berth holders who require them, irrespective of berth location in the marina. These permits will cover the period from April 1st 2022 – September 30th 2022. Full details about the permits for 2022/23 will be given to berth holders by CHT when 2022 invoices are issued.

Monday 6th Sept 2021

Meeting held of representatives of  Gwynedd Council and VDBHA.

Members will be informed that current Gwynedd concessionary car parking permits are most unlikely to be issued from October 1st 2021.
A new scheme to incorporate parking will be implemented from April 2022.
North Side Drop off Zone permits will continue to be operative although the Council wish to emphasise that this still  remains within the prohibitive parking zone.

We understand that dredging in Victoria Dock will commence from October 3rd 2021, berth holders will be contacted accordingly by CHT.

Meanwhile we welcome Iwan our new Dock Master and thank him for his enthusiasm, cooperation and professionalism  and we wish him every success in his new job.

Sunday 11th April 2021
The AGM of the VDBHA was held online between 10th-11th April.

43% of Membership logged in to attend  the AGM forum
All current members of the committee were re-elected.

Sunday 4th April 2021
The annual survey was completed on March 31st, results and analysis will be forwarded to members in advance of the AGM.

Due to Covid restrictions on travel, the AGM will be held via an online forum  opening midday on April 10th. The link to the AGM will be sent to members in advance. Meanwhile nominations for officers on the committee should be sent to the Hon Secretary by April 8th.

Friday March 5th 2021
A meeting between VDBHA Committee, CHT and Gwynedd Council Maritime Officer was held online. The meeting was updated on the dockmaster appointment, dredging, parking, berthing fees, effluent outfall, navigation, speed limits and security. 
An information update has been sent out to all berth holders .


Saturday 24th October 2020 –

“Remembering  Mark Shackleton” book of condolence kindly put together by VDBHA berth holder ,Mark Rayment who will be sending  a copy to each of Mark’s parents, and will be leaving a hard copy in the Doc Vic watchtower. Click on link for a pdf copy of the book

Friday 23rd October 2020 – “Circuit Breaker” lockdown begins in Wales from 6pm. tonight until November 9th. The berth holders will be updated regarding access when we receive more information.

Saturday September 26th 2020 –

The new owners of Menai Marine, Elizabeth and Simon Kirkham,   invite all Victoria Dock berth holders to a “meet and greet” on Saturday 26th September at the Boatyard to introduce themselves and the new company, “Above The Brine Ltd.”

They  intend to set up a stall outside on the dock in order to maintain social distancing and avoid being indoors. They will be there from 10am to 2pm with plenty of free hot drinks and snacks, and everyone is invited  to come down at any time to suit during these hours. They are very keen to hear from us as to the type of  facilities and services that we would like them to offer .

To help them gauge drink and snack requirements please could let them know if you are able to attend ?  Please contact Elizabeth Kirkham on  +44(0) 7484 373797 or  by email :

Saturday 19th OF SEPTEMBER 2020 – Mark Shackleton’s  commemoration -Sail Past – 

A very emotional day for all of the participating boats, the audience of visitors and mourners on the quay side.

People from Caernarfon were very moved saying that they have never seen such a procession of boats  before and even people who did not know Mark were touched by the sentiment and scale of the  occasion in his memory.

It was noticeable ,  not only by the number of boats that took part but also by the array from large to small, power to sail,  just how much Mark meant to everybody.

The memorable bollard on the quay side is a fitting and lasting tribute to a much loved dock master and dear friend and the spectacle of the sail past on such a lovely day will remain with those that took part and those who witnessed it for many years to come.

Friday 11th September 1700h for the scattering of the ashes. Mark’s family are aware and respect that people may wish to be present to pay their respects from the dock wall

August 27th 2020 – Remembering Mark Shackleton

Berth holder Mark Rayment (VDBHA member) has kindly set up an email to enable people to write  their contributions towards a  Book of Condolence in remembrance of  Mark Shackleton

The above details have also been sent to North Wales Cruising Club, North Wales Venturers Yacht Club  and the RWYC.

NWCC are having a meet at Doc Victoria at 1900 on Saturday 29th  to remember Mark – any of our members who happen to be at the Dock at that time are welcome to join in – social distancing to be observed.

We have been informed that Mark’s family would like to  donate the proceeds of his Rest and Recuperation Fund into an organisation to which Mark was already donating as a sufferer of Cardiomyopathy.
The organisation is

August 24th 2020 – A very informative meeting was  held between officers of the VDBHA and PBHA (Pwllheli Berth Holders Association) regarding the current situation on issues (Fees, Parking, Dredging etc.) and communication and joint strategies going forward. 

August 23rd 2020 – Mark Shackleton

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of Mark Shackleton, our Dock Master. Mark finally lost the battle with his heart condition and died in hospital on the afternoon of Saturday August 22nd.

We will let berth holders know of further details as and when they arise.

August 20th 2020 – Parking Permits North Side

Barry Davies, Gwynedd Maritime Officer apologises  for the continued delay but has assured us that the parking permits are on route and that they will  apply to the 31st March 2021

He writes that these are only a short term measure and will not be available from 2021 onwards.
The VDBHA have requested that we discuss this matter  soon to avoid problems with this issue next year.

August 14th 2020 – Barry Davies, Gwynedd Maritime Officer, apologises for the delay to parking permits explaining that their service is being overwhelmed with coastal issues and that they are endeavouring to address all issues.
Mark Shackleton has returned to hospital for further treatment and we will keep you updated with his progress and wish him well for a speedy recovery. The money raised for his rest and recuperation fund has been transferred to his bank account .

August 10th 2020 – 

You will be pleased to know that the Mark Shackleton Rest and Recuperation Fund,  which closed last night,  raised over £1035 and this will be transferred to him as soon as possible to help aid his period of rest, relaxation and recovery.

We have been in  touch with CHT today  and it would seem that some invoices may have been issued whilst we were in the process of responding to the Council’s response to our fees proposal.

Fees are not due to be paid until September 1st and we will let berth holders know as soon as possible when we hear back from Gwynedd Council.

We have also  put in a further request for parking permits from Gwynedd Council on the basis that they should have been received last week.


PARKING PERMITS – We have been informed by Barry Davies, Maritime Officer that he is intending to purchase parking permits for those in the East basin who received their permits in 2019 and that he hopes to have these ordered early this week.

DREDGING – As part of preparatory work for dredging in Victoria Dock a contractor will be mobilising on site on the 4th and 5th of August to take sediment samples from the East basin.  The work should not disrupt vessel movements in the Dock.
We understand that dredging of the East basin is scheduled to take place in January 2021

FEES – We received correspondence from Gwynedd Council last week  in response to our letter and VDBHA fees proposal and this is currently receiving attention by the VDBHA Committee.

As you  know our dock master, Mark Shackleton following heart surgery had to return to hospital for a further operation and we are pleased that in the last few days he has returned home. As a token of thanks and appreciation and to wish him well for the future the VDBHA  set up a gift fund to enable contributions however large or small to be made towards his RandR fund. The fund after 7 days stands in excess of $1000 and is due to close on August 9th 2020.
Mark was made aware of the fund on his return home at the weekend and when he saw it he says it almost gave him a heart attack and is overwhelmed by the support and for once is speechless.  He is currently resting but  asked if we would pass on his thanks to all of you for your contributions and supportive comments .

From July 25th 2020 – Gate operations will be as normal excluding Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The dock will be manned from this Saturday and toilets open. Gate opening times are shown on Caernarfon Harbour Trust site. Drop Off Permits for North Side berth holders have been authorised and information will be with you very shortly.

From July 13th 2020 the toilet will be cleansed twice daily. Recommended best practice for the facility is one in one out.   Implementing appropriate signage as soon as possible.

From July 11th 2020 –  Gate operations will be resuming and manning the Dock almost as normal. At the moment Tuesdays and Wednesdays are on a request only basis. Please contact Harbour Master  directly to discuss options. 07483072850

JULY 7th 2020 – The Welsh Government confirms that boats are included within the scope of potentially permitted overnight accommodation, pending the next review on 9 July.

JULY 6th 2020 – CHT Harbour Master wrote to all Victoria Dock Berth Holders this afternoon to inform them that from the Cabinet’s decision he mistook the meaning of the decision to mean 30% of the annual fee when it has now been confirmed that the decision was to discount 30% of each month access was restricted. He offered the link below to the Cabinet minutes in which it was recommended that :- 

” where access to boats and harbour facilities has been restricted, fees should be reduced to the ‘winter fee’ which equates to 70% of the full fee in order to keep customers.”

Obviously, it is important that members’ views are heard and we have already received many comments and opinions on this matter which we have forwarded on to the Harbour Master.
However,  we would appreciate if berth holders would please contact the Harbour Master 
directly  regarding the revision (  with a copy to the and/or if desired).  

JUNE 30th 2020 – We are pleased that Gwynedd Council has respected the loss of access to the dock and use of boats as a result of the Covid-19 restrictions  by providing a 30% discount on the annual fee. We feel that  this is a very reasonable response from Council and recommend that berth holders accept this provision. Furthermore we appreciate the flexibility that CHT have adopted by offering either a refund or a credit note for next season for those who have already paid as well as standing by the extended deadline of September 1st for final settlement of invoices  as per CHT’s statement .
Should you have any issues regarding the payment of this year’s fees please contact the CHT Harbour Master.

Finally, your representatives of the VDBHA have been liaising throughout the process with CHT, Gwynedd Council and other representative maritime associations and continue to do so particularly with regard to regaining full operational access to the Dock which clearly cannot take place until the Welsh Government list the travel restrictions currently imposed on us all.

JUNE 26th 2020 – We have been informed by Dave O’Neil,  Caernarfon Harbour Trust Harbour master, that following confirmation from Gwynedd Council regarding the application of this year’s berthing fees he is very pleased to be able to confirm that Gwynedd Council Cabinet has authorised a 30% reduction in the annual Berthing Fee. The policy will be posted on Caernarfon Harbour Trust Notice to Mariners

JUNE 10th 2020 –  Following discussions with Gwynedd Council and Caernarfon Harbour Trust we are pleased to announce that  CHT have informed berth holders that they are able to access their vessels in line with Welsh Government’s current regulation. Berth holders are informed that travel to your Vessel is still only allowed in Wales from your local geographical area, we are very mindful that this isn’t the news the majority of our berth holders wanted to hear. However this is a positive step towards getting you all back to boating in a Covid safe manner. Click to view a copy of the Covid-19 2020 risk document which is to be reviewed on June 18th

The VDBHA has been advised today that until car park permits are issued local members may  park on the berth holders car park outside the Dock gate house . Please abide by the advice that the black plastic bollards that restrict access to the car park, if touched, will require a spray or wipe-down immediately before and after you have been in contact with them, please do this before you park your vehicle.


Please pay close attention to control measures for permitting day access to the pontoons shown below.
Maintain adherence to overriding Covid-19 regulations at all times.
 Current regulation permits travel generally within 5 miles. On average we have circa 20 Berth Holders that are local to Gwynedd. But acknowledging that average household size is 2.4. And they may meet up with other households to sail.
 Limiting number of persons on pontoons at any one time. Max 10 individuals on each side. North/South.
 Users to inform HM of intention to access, number of persons and anticipated time on pontoons (Text to HM mobile 07483 072850).
 Pontoon users to maintain social distancing. Signs to remind to be posted.
 Implementation of hygiene regime. Door handles locks, handrails and common usage items will be regularly sanitised. A list of touch points will be drafted. (Harbour Master)
 Users to sanitize surfaces before and after use.
 Users to encourage to wear appropriate PPE.
 Continual review of pontoon usage.
 A
dherence to newsletter updates from Harbour Master.


  • CHT and VDBHA await confirmation from Gwynedd Council regarding concessions to this year’s berthing fees.

  • CHT  have extended the terms of payments on all invoices until the 1st of September 2020

June 5th 2020 – The Chair received an email  from the Gwynedd Maritime Officer, Mr. Barry Davies in which he respectfully apologised and explained  the reasons for the delay in reply and that he is keener than anyone to see boating and all aspects of outdoor recreational pursuit return.

The Chair has replied to Mr. Davies’s email with thanks and appreciation of the pressure that he is under and has offered the full support of VDBHA in following any safety protocols required in order to allow access to the marina and hopefully to wider navigation.

In the light of Mr. Barry Davies’s reply the VDBHA Officers have decided to wait until June 10th after the review of the Notice to Mariners (June 9th 2020) in the hope that the restriction to access will be lifted subject to local travel restrictions.

JUNE 4th 2020 – VDBHA Chair is still waiting for a reply from Gwynedd Maritime Officer after two emails requesting the lifting of restrictions for access to the dock  following the revision of the Welsh Government updated guidelines that apply from June 1st. 

JUNE 2nd 2020 – Message from YHCHT Harbour Master – Click to see full statement
At present, there is no change for Victoria Dock users as YHCHT manage the Dock on behalf of Gwynedd Council.
Currently, no authorisation has been granted by Gwynedd 
Council that would enable YHCHT to amend the restriction.
YHCT are assured that 
Gwynedd Council is ensuring they are fully compliant with regulations before they are able to offer such authorisation.

June 1st 2020 – Doubtless members are concerned to know what the latest developments are regarding access to the Victoria Dock Marina.

Clearly for the foreseeable future any access is going to be limited to those who live locally and although we appreciate the level of frustration that many of you  have been experiencing we believe that it is important that we abide by the Welsh Government travel restrictions. Bearing that in mind the Chair sent an email to Gwynedd Council Maritime Officer on the 29th May with a view to permission being granted for local berth holders to  access their vessels to at least carry out basic maintenance and preparation of their vessels and hope that CHT will start gate opening operations at the earliest opportunity.  We would hope that this would would be gradually widened to enable people from further afield to access their boats in line with Welsh Government guidelines.

At this point in time we have received no response and will be making further contact as soon as possible.

Please be assured that the VDBHA officers have not and will not be  letting the matter rest.

May 13th 2020 – Notice to Port Users from British Ports Association
We have received information from CHT Harbour Master that the British Ports Authority have been following the Government’s advice in respect of Coronavirus and are putting measures in place to limit risks to port users, staff, emergency services and the public. Although the Government is now easing certain aspects of the lockdown in England, there is not yet any specific advice on whether this is applicable to marine leisure activities. The British Ports Association and the UK Harbour Masters’ Association are seeking clarification on this with the Government at national level. Specific guidance is expected shortly. Therefore until we have confirmation that marine leisure activities are permitted and any relevant restrictions on them, we are advising that they should not take place.

May 12th 2020 – RYA Update on Marinas. Access to Marinas in Wales although possibly able to resume in England from May 13th has not changed in Wales and Welsh Government position is that access to boats and marinas remain suspended.  Click to Link

April 29th 2020 – Important information that RYA leads call for limited and controlled access to marinas. Click to link.

Meanwhile CHT and VDBHA await confirmation from Gwynedd Council regarding the application of this year’s berthing fees. CHT  are extending the terms of payments on all invoices until the 1st of September 2020

April 22nd 2020 – Message from Chair VDBHA sent to Berth Holders 

After discussion with the Harbour Master of Caernarfon Harbour Trust it has been agreed, under the present circumstances, that the initial invoice settlement terms of 30 days be extended until September 1st 2020.

This allows time for any fee concessions based on the fact that marina facilities are unavailable to berth holders under lock down to be considered by Gwynedd Council officers and confirmed by Cabinet members.

We are assured that any such concession, once confirmed, will be applied evenly across all berth holders irrespective of date of settlement.

We understand that income derived from the dock is a substantial portion of Caernarfon Harbour Trust cash flow and as such the Harbour Master thanks those who have paid in full to date and kindly requests that berth holders settle as soon as they are able.

This is a challenging time for us all, particularly as the sailing season is upon us and is accompanied by an extended spell of good weather. However, we just have to be patient and hope that current government strategies work in getting this pandemic under control.In the meantime, if anyone has any concerns relating to their vessels they are encouraged to contact CHT directly. 

April 15th 2020 – Discussions continue with Gwynedd Council over the dock closure and payment of fees . We now await further information from Gwynedd Council regarding their decision.

April 9th 2020 – Regarding the dock Closure and payment of fees.

Following the vote at the AGM the VDBHA are aware that the situation is somewhat fluid in that some berth holders have paid, some haven’t and some may not even have received an invoice. The Chair wrote to Gwynedd  Council and CHT (April 8th)  requesting that the collection of berthing fees be immediately suspended while the lock down continues and that , once the lock down is lifted, consideration be given to an adjustment of fees which reflect the loss of facility.
We will keep you updated once a response is forthcoming.  Click for Message from the VDBHA Chair

April 9th 2020 – All Berth Holders have been informed by email of the minutes of the online AGM ,  response comments  together with an Introductory Message from the new Chair, Chris Jones 

April 8th 2020 – We are pleased to hear from Mark Shackleton our highly revered Dock Master that early results show that his recent operation was successful and that it should work it’s magic for him in the future. We all wish him a speedy recovery and much improved  health in the future.

April 4th 2020 Due to the Coronavirus outbreak the VDBHA AGM will be held via an online forum to be accessed via a link to be sent to berth holders by email.

24th March 2020 – You will have received notice of closure of the dock from CHT  The VDBHA Committee are in the process of evaluating the issues and concerns raised and hope to have information in time for the AGM Online Forum on 4th April 2020.

February 15-16th 2020 – Storm Dennis hits Victoria Dock. A waterspout was reported and filmed hitting the dock wall  – click to view  . Thanks to Mark and the team for their diligence in keeping us informed and for taking actions and giving advice to minimise potential damage

October 5th 2019 Committee Meeting held to review the current status of the Berth Holders agreement and CHT revised terms and conditions and issues raised in the last survey

April 14th 2019 With reference to responsibilities highlighted in the survey the VDBHA Committee have been informed as follows:-

“The responsibility for repairing broken paving (within 2m of the dock wall) and the clearing of dog mess within Victoria Dock lies with the Dockmaster and his team. Please report any issues regarding these matters directly to the Dockmaster.”

April 13th 2019 – For members the April 2019 VDBHA Survey results and AGM 2018 minutes are in the Members section

Dredger provisionally booked for Autumn/Winter 2020 to complete the North side dredging.

4th December 2018 – Dredging completed for 2018. The Dredging of the problem areas has been a total success and the initial soundings show a return to the depths that were achieved when the Dock was commissioned. The yellow marker buoy, a feature for so long,  has thankfully been removed as a result.

Membership for existing members will be free of charge until 31st March 2019 after which annual membership fees of £10 will be due.

AGM 2018 took place on October 27th 2018 at Royal Welsh Yacht Club, Porth Yr Aur,  Caernarfon at 11.00am

10th October 2018 – Dredger in place in Victoria Dock click to see snapshot from Victoria Dock web cam or watch live progress on Victoria Dock WebCams

4th October 2018 – Dredging Plans Aerial Photo showing positioning of crane etc. and outlet pipe fixing points

9th September 2018 – Representatives of the VDBHA committee had a successful meeting with Gwynedd Council and Caernarfon Harbour Trust on 5/9/18 – follow up on 5/10/18.

Dredging scheduled for late October – dates to follow

An agreement with Gwynedd Council that communications will be directed via Mark Shackleton with notification to berth holders next week. Dredging Area Plan

Provisional arrangement for Llyr Jones to update berth holders on dredging plans at AGM if available

29th August 2018 – VDBHA receive a copy of letter from Natural Resources Wales  to Gwynedd Council stating that the proposal for maintenance dredging of the dock  will not adversely affect the integrity of any European Site. The VDBHA is awaiting a date from the Council to discuss dredging plans. Copy of letter from NRW dated 3rd July 2018

9th June 2018 – VDBHA members meet at the RWYC for the latest update from Gwynedd Council on the proposed timetable for dredging – SEE MEMBERS LATEST NEWS SECTION FOR DETAILS

16th April 2018 – The Chair and Vice Chair of the VDBHA Committee met with Gwynedd Council and Caernarfon Harbour Trust. Click to open  VDBHA Update report of meeting

26th February 2018 – The dock flap gate is being serviced during the week of 26th Feb 2018

  • A remote controlled hydrographic survey boat was deployed in the dock  on the 23rd February 2018 to chart the dock basin levels. It is hoped that this is in preparation for cutter dredging work to follow soon.

Drone Aerial View of Caernarfon in the Snow February 27th 2018. courtesy of Stay In North Wales

Caernarfon Prommenade in the snow.

A short aerial video of Caernarfon Prommenade in the snow, I think you will agree that even though this weather causes a lot of distruption, in our opinion Caernarfon has never looked so good.

Geplaatst door Stay in North Wales op Vrijdag 2 maart 2018