Welcome to Victoria Dock Berth Holders Association website.

The VDBHA committee continues to address issues identified in the berth holder surveys but it is important that we have the full support of all berth holders in representing these issues to the various bodies.        

If you are a berth holder in Victoria Dock we would urge you to join the VDBHA in order to add more power to our cause.

AGM 2018 will take place on October 27th 2018 at Royal Welsh Yacht Club, Porth Yr Aur,  Caernarfon at 11.00am

 Membership for existing members will be free of charge until 31st March 2019 after which annual membership fees of £10 will be due.

Lunch is not sponsored this year but  we hope to be able to provide this free of charge to everyone.

New members are most welcome. Please encourage fellow berth holders to join us. There will be a £5 contribution to lunch for new members (if provided)

Contact Membership Secretary –  memsec@vdbha.co.uk

Objectives of Association

  • To provide a forum for berth holders
  • To pro-actively represent the collective interests of our members with the relevant bodies
  • To have the backing of the RYA for legal and constitutional matters through affiliation.
  • To maintain contact with and avail of support of the RYA’s National Marina’s panel and other associations with similar objectives
  • To help organise social and other relevant events for Members
  • To provide a web site to inform Members of events, offers and enable Members input.
  • To help organise social and other relevant events for Members
  • To enjoy leisure time afloat

Latest News:-

10th October 2018 – Dredger in place in Victoria Dock click to see snapshot from Victoria Dock web cam or watch live progress on Victoria Dock WebCams

4th October 2018 – Dredging Plans Aerial Photo showing positioning of crane etc. and outlet pipe fixing points

9th September 2018 – Representatives of the VDBHA committee had a successful meeting with Gwynedd Council and Caernarfon Harbour Trust on 5/9/18 – follow up on 5/10/18.

Dredging scheduled for late October – dates to follow

An agreement with Gwynedd Council that communications will be directed via Mark Shackleton with notification to berth holders next week. Dredging Area Plan

Provisional arrangement for Llyr Jones to update berth holders on dredging plans at AGM if available

29th August 2018 – VDBHA receive a copy of letter from Natural Resources Wales  to Gwynedd Council stating that the proposal for maintenance dredging of the dock  will not adversely affect the integrity of any European Site. The VDBHA is awaiting a date from the Council to discuss dredging plans. Copy of letter from NRW dated 3rd July 2018

9th June 2018 – VDBHA members meet at the RWYC for the latest update from Gwynedd Council on the proposed timetable for dredging – SEE MEMBERS LATEST NEWS SECTION FOR DETAILS

16th April 2018 – The Chair and Vice Chair of the VDBHA Committee met with Gwynedd Council and Caernarfon Harbour Trust. Click to open  VDBHA Update report of meeting

26th February 2018 – The dock flap gate is being serviced during the week of 26th Feb 2018

  • A remote controlled hydrographic survey boat was deployed in the dock  on the 23rd February 2018 to chart the dock basin levels. It is hoped that this is in preparation for cutter dredging work to follow soon.

Drone Aerial View of Caernarfon in the Snow February 27th 2018. courtesy of Stay In North Wales

Caernarfon Prommenade in the snow.

A short aerial video of Caernarfon Prommenade in the snow, I think you will agree that even though this weather causes a lot of distruption, in our opinion Caernarfon has never looked so good.

Geplaatst door Stay in North Wales op Vrijdag 2 maart 2018